2016 Favorites: Music List

I’m not sure why, but this year I didn’t discover as much music that stuck with me. Truthfully, I have quite a few recent releases that might make the list, but I haven’t had time to listen to them closely. Regardless, here’s a playlist of my personal favorites. Did you find some great music that you’d like to share?


I loved the incoherent, frenetic rock produced during the early years of Kings of Leon, but I’ve become a more disinterested fan as the band released successive albums. I’ll listen to each new album, but it hasn’t been since Only by the Night that I’ve enjoyed the music enough for it to stick with me. Their new album WALLS will likely break that trend. While some tracks I could take or leave, there are enough great songs to keep me listening, in particular “Waste a Moment”, “Over”, and “WALLS”.

Have a listen on Spotify, or watch the video for “Waste a Moment.”

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