Podcast: David French on “The Great White Culture War” from The Ezra Klein Show

Listen to The Ezra Klein Show episodes free, on demand. David French is a senior writer for National Review and one of the conservatives I read most closely. About a month ago, he published an interesting column responding to some things I had said, and to the broader currents cutting through our politics. “Conservative white Americans look at urban multicultural liberalism and notice an important fact,” he wrote. “Its white elite remains, and continues to enjoy staggering amounts of power

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The True Man’s World: The Men of Michael Mann – J. Rosenfield

Michael Mann is one of my favorite filmmakers, but I hadn’t thought about this theme in his work before.

If only there were more artists willing to delve into what masculinity really means to the people who are pressured to perform it. Because masculinity is a performance, after all, and one that Mann is perceptive enough to see right through.

Source: The True Man’s World: The Men of Michael Mann –

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Navigating a Sea of Superlatives in Pursuit of the Asian Carp

In the last days of 2017, Irons and O’Hara were at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which operates the largest nonmilitary dining center in the U.S. and has an even bigger one planned.

This is an interesting article, but this tidbit was news to me.

Source: Navigating a Sea of Superlatives in Pursuit of the Asian

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Remembering Dwight Clark: One Final 49ers Tribute

“I just don’t think I would change anything.”

49ers icon Dwight Clark passed away Monday at age 61 after battling ALS. On a late April weekend, old teammates and friends gathered at Eddie DeBartolo’s Montana ranch to share memories and laughs, and to toast the iconic Niners wideout and Super Bowl champion. No one would say it was a farewell …

Source: Remembering Dwight Clark: One Final 49ers

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Roseanne and NFL protesters: What are their speech rights?

When an employer credibly cites harm to its business interests or reputation from employee speech, the employee has very little legal recourse if they’re fired because of it, said University of Illinois labor and employment relations professor Michael LeRoy, an expert on employment law.

Source: Roseanne and NFL protesters: What are their speech

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Dustin Byfuglien Pulls Down Two Knights At Once

Winnipeg strongman Dustin Byfuglien won’t stop asserting his dominance against lesser men, as the Vegas Golden Knights learned once more in Game 3 of their series tonight. In a big testy scrap near the end of the second period, Byfuglien grabbed hold of both Tomas Nosek and Colin Miller—who are listed at 210 and 196 pounds respectively—and pulled both to the ice by the backs of their jerseys with one mighty tug. Byfuglien

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