Social network searches could be a hacker’s dream –

The integration of updates from social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook into search engine results could be a boon for spammers, according to an article from USA Today.

Yet anyone can now post a Twitter message on a hot topic, say, “Copenhagen.” In less than a minute, a reference to that tweet will appear as part of the results for anyone Googling “Copenhagen.” It’s simple to attach spam or a link to a corrupted website, says

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Mashable: Facebook’s New Privacy Push Concerns Experts


Mashable highlights the concerns related to Facebook’s new privacy controls. The changes are being marketed as a simplified system for controlling the amount of information you share. However, the larger goal for the service is undoubtedly the desire to make more of your activity public. Doing so would help Facebook compete with Twitter to become the top-dog in terms of real-time

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