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Ha! I’ve never noticed this before. It’s nice to have a sneakily generous spouse.

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Post exercise #meditation. #headspace

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One is blind and the other is deaf, but they still find each other at naptime. #dogs #doxie

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Muslim youth group cleans up national parks amid government shutdown

Across the country, dozens of their colleagues in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association were doing the same at national parks closed or partially closed by the shutdown. They cleaned up litter, emptied garbage cans and swept the grounds — from the Everglades National Park in Florida to Joshua Tree, California and the Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio.

Source: CNN

R.I.P. Carlos Sánchez (a/k/a Juan Valdez)

An icon.

Mr. Sánchez played Valdez, a humble but hard-working farmer and one of the world’s most recognizable pitchmen, from 1969 until 2006.

Source: Carlos Sánchez, 83, Dies; Embodied Colombian Coffee as Juan Valdez

Can You Guess the Animal Based on Their X-Ray? | Mental Floss

I got 15 out of 20 correct. How about you?

The Oregon Zoo images their animal occupants as part of regular medical check-ups. Can you guess which animal these X-rays belong to?

Source: Can You Guess the Animal Based on Their X-Ray? | Mental Floss

Sixty-four-metre ‘fatberg’ discovered in English seaside resort

Eight weeks needed to remove mass of fat, oil and wet-wipes from sewer in Sidmouth, Devon

Source: Sixty-four-metre ‘fatberg’ discovered in English seaside resort | Environment | The Guardian

Dinner after a visit to the bookstore.

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Can someone please explain the poster on the table?

For over an hour and a half, President Trump spoke on a variety of topics, including the border wall, Syria, his unpopularity abroad and Mitt Romney. Not all of it was accurate.

Source: Trump’s Freewheeling and Fact-Free Cabinet Meeting

2018 Favorites: Movies and TV

Unlike other media, I do a bad job of documenting what I watch in the theater and on TV. Here are the movies and shows I remember enjoying.

TV Shows

  • First Team: Juventus (Netflix, soccer documentary)
  • Sunderland ‘Til I Die (Netflix, soccer documentary)
  • Ozark: Seasons 1 & 2 (Netflix, crime drama)
  • Ronnie Coleman: The King (Netflix, weightlifting documentary)
  • The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick (Netflix or PBS, war documentary)
  • Making a Murderer: Part 2 (Netflix, true crime documentary)
  • The Staircase (Netflix, true crime documentary)
  • Manhunt: Unabomber (Netflix, crime drama)
  • Stranger Things: Chapter Three (Netflix)
  • Evil Genius: the True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist (Netflix, true crime documentary)
  • MINDHUNTER: Season 1 (Netflix, crime drama)
  • Better Call Saul: Seasons 3 & 4 (Netflix & AMC, drama)
  • The Keepers: Season 1 (Netflix, true crime documentary)
  • Narcos: Season 3 (Netflix, crime drama)
  • Broadchurch: Season 3 (Netflix, British crime drama)
  • All or Nothing: Manchester City (Amazon Prime, soccer documentary)
  • All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks (Amazon Prime, rugby documentary)
  • Catastrophe – Season 3 (Amazon Prime, comedy)


Clearly I didn’t make it to the theater very much this year. 🙁

  • Black Panther
  • Avengers:Infinity War
  • A Quiet Place
  • Tag

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